Freight dispatcher in Ukraine

Freight dispatcher will help you organize the process of cargo transportation correctly. This article will discuss in detail the features of the dispatcher.

Everyone has a situation where you need to transport cargo. It can be quite difficult to organize the transportation process on your own, since there are no skills in finding suitable transport and movers. This is where a freight forwarder comes to the rescue.

A freight dispatcher is an intermediary between the customer (cargo owner) and the carrier (transport company), whose responsibility is to properly organize the entire process of cargo transportation. He must not only bring the customer and the carrier together, but also find out all the nuances of cargo delivery, fill out all the necessary documents for transportation, inform the carrier of the place of loading and unloading, the nature of the cargo, and the method of loading and unloading. The freight dispatcher is obliged to provide the customer with full information about the vehicle and its driver, as well as conclude a contract of carriage.

Often, a freight dispatcher is also called a logistician or forwarder. This person does a very useful job, and therefore takes appropriate payment for it.

The essence of the work of the dispatcher for cargo transportation

The work of the dispatcher is reduced to finding suitable loads for cars both in Ukraine and in international traffic. As a rule, this search is carried out using various sites. The dispatcher calls customers, agrees on loading a specific car from a certain city to another, gives him all the information about the car and the driver, sends a confirmation of loading to the owner of the car, the owner of the cargo, and waits for the car to safely deliver the cargo to its destination.

This work does not require any special education or diploma, by and large, it is enough to be able to use a computer, telephone, fax, Internet. Freight dispatchers can be people with humanitarian and technical education, or without it at all.

The dispatcher's working day, as a rule, starts at 9 am, at this time, customers begin to post their downloads on the Internet. The freight forwarder calls the drivers, finds out if they can work today and if they need to look for a load. If the answer is yes, the controller starts the search, which can last in different ways. You can quickly find a suitable download, or you can sit all day, and the result is zero.

There may also be various emergency situations that the cargo dispatcher will have to deal with. For example, a car breaks down or a customer refuses to load at the last minute, or a car arrives at the loading point, but no one loads it, and so on. The dispatcher must understand what is happening (usually this is done over the phone, since the car carries goods throughout the country) and solve the problem in such a way as to satisfy the requests of all parties - the carrier and the customer (and do not forget about your own).

The level of salary depends entirely on the desire to work. You can get nothing for a month of work, or you can get quite a decent amount. It should be noted that the payment procedure itself can take place in different ways.

If the customer pays through a bank (by bank transfer), then the dispatcher takes a certain part of the freight for himself (the amount depends on the level of greed and other conditions). For example, a customer pays 5,000 UAH by bank transfer for a cargo that needs to be transported from Kyiv to Kharkov. If the transportation was successful, the dispatcher will see the same UAH 5000 on the account of his company. He takes, for example, UAH 200-500 of this amount for himself, and sends the rest (4500-4800) to the carrier.

If payment is made in cash (on loading or unloading), then the driver of the car for which the freight dispatcher found the cargo pays him a certain part, for example, the same 200-500 UAH. These commission costs must be specified in the contract so that there are no problems in the future.

In Ukraine, freight forwarding companies, as a rule, pay logisticians 30-50% of the amount earned. That is, if the dispatcher organized 30 transportations with a clearance of UAH 300 in a month, the company will receive UAH 9000, of which the dispatcher will get 2700-4500 (30-50%).

In the end, it should be noted that carriers do not like dispatchers, as they deprive them of a certain part of their profits. But now in any business there are intermediaries, you can't do without them.

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